Thursday, November 3, 2011

my creative space

I was able to get one lonely girls wrap top done today before loading the car with the tools and heading off to mums place in the country.

girls size 10 top

Im loving the square common doileys right now as they can be turned into pockets so easily.

Someone can sit up all by herself now and is nearly crawling really weirdly. Shes going to be an individual alright.

This is one of my Kitten Caps I made for the market table a few weeks back.
I dont often use the word cute but...she is. so. cute! I want one in my size.


Jennie said...

Oh My Goodness.
So so cute alright!!

Kelly Ingram said...

Violet is adorable, and in that hat..definitely too cute! Hope your kitchen making all goes smoothly x

A Christy Production said...

Her eyes!!!!!

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