Saturday, November 12, 2011

once upon a weekend

A few weekends ago we spent the best part of the day doing artwork together. There was an animal theme going on. Bird with big head by our daughter, Zjahlii.

Our son Navarh's skull woodcut. 

The Mr's tree.

Its wasnt long before things got weird.

The next day there was a different sort of medium happening.
Lets say things got a little bit competitive.

This fantastic watercolour is by Zjah for her husband, Riley who's a keen fisherman.
It was the nicest way to spend a weekend.

I really meant it when I asked you all about my dilemma.


Maxabella said...

I actually can't imagine a nicer thing to do as a family than create such beautiful artwork. I just suggested to my husbie that we have a little family crafting session this afternoon and he looked at me like... well, like I'd just suggested he grow a rhino body or something!


Jennie said...

What an amazingly talented family you have!! And i really don't know what you should do with the dilemma! thats a difficult one for sure!xx

Carolina said...

Hi there!
This looks so fantastic, fun and creative. And with your family, how lovely!

I just became a new follower :)


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