Thursday, September 23, 2010

studio fix

wasnt sewing in this..... to be honest.
I was sewing in the dining room.
When I sewed for the markets the other day, this was the mess I spoke about.

Everything you see in this picture is a work in progress.
 Including the cabinet from the roadside.

Even these machines are in various stages of being fixed. One needs a foot, one needs a rubber, one needs to go to the dump. No, thats true. The machine man told me to go to the dump on my way home from dropping in to ask him about it. I was horrified. It cost me $7! Ill be sewing on it til it dies and then I might be inclined to bury it in the back yard under the oak while the dog looks on. If I can manage to bury a sheep I can bury a sewing machine. Dont ask.

It gets self explanatory from here...well because ive explained it...

I need to water that plant ....

P.S. Dont forget tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway!


MonetPaisley said...

hehehe, I love it!!! you have not only mastered writing on your photos but it seems it is possible to draw on them too :-)

Copper Patch said...

Looking really good. Such a great space to play in!!

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