Monday, September 13, 2010

sewing with dorothybills

Last week Eleesa and I sewed together for the Rosebubs Market held at Rosebud. We had been invited by our good friend Elisha of MonetPaisley. (check out our stall here)
We worked on a couple of baby quilts. Mine was in the early stages (I started that day) and hers was already well on its way to being completed and she finished it while chatting over cups of tea.
Did you know she used to run a cafe? Thats the poster for it in the background. What a lovely reminder. Cafe Tootsies it was called.  Shes a wonderful hostess, so with my pot of homemade chai on hand we sewed and chatted and had a productive day.
Heres what we did.

I looked in my BIG scrap bag for blue things, an old shirt with a gorgeous etching print and off-cuts from a summer skirt a couple of years back (middle),
yellow rose tablecloth left over from this day(okay.. so yellow isnt blue),
and some gorgeous linen im making pants from for this summer on the left hand side (pants making post coming later if you like), and if you can spy the small piece of blue and white stripe? well thats from the first quilt cover I made EVER. 25 years ago!
For when we were first married. As soon as we got back from honeymoon I fell pregnant with Zjahlii (runs in the family right?) and started home making. Lucky it was an extended overseas honeymoon of nearly nine months. No wonder I felt like setting up home, hey?
And it will be no surprise to you all that it had about 50 doileys on it, including 5 or 6 my nanna had embroidered herself.
I think I have been fascinated with embroidery my whole life.

I lay them all out, made sure there were darks and lights evenly across the rows (doesnt matter about mediums), asked Eleesa's opinion during this because she has the most incredible eye for all things stylish and I started stitching. Really soon I had three nice rows.

The circle print is from my sons favourite pyjamas top (he only really wore the bottoms) and the pink floral is an off-cut from my scarf cushion covers. To be honest I only finished them the other week after starting them way back here, oh ...the shame

This is the full quilt top but this is how it stayed. I didnt get it finished for the market. I dont mind though instead I was pleased to get my mountain of unfinished childrens clothes completed apart from 3 or 4 things that were fiddly.
Mr TL had the audacity to ask me to turn my overhead lighting off because it was hurting his eyes while he watched the rugby. I sewed late into the night by lamplight until my eyes started flickering. I might have a mild case of Tourettes developing.

This is a sneak peek at Eleesas beautiful quilt, (for her big reveal pop over to her blog soon).
 She effortlessly finished this green number 

 and then started on another with these great retro fabrics. Her stash is to die for!
I adore the black and white stripe floral, dont you?  She lists these in her MadeIt store if you want to look in detail.

And the market was superfun!!!!!!
Im happy to say I have a couple of orders from some lovely mums in addition to what I sold on the day.


Sara said...

Looking fabulous as always! I can't wait til my unborn is a wee grown up and I can purchase some textured leaf threads for them! Hey, what happened to you on facebook? I went to send you a message but there was no more you! much love xx

Kate said...

Oh how fun that day sounds.
I bet the two of you were a hit at the market.
Gorgeous as always.

the textured leaf said...

I quit facey and it feels so good. Sorry I didnt send you a goodbye message. That would have been nice, x

victoria said...

I LOVE both yours and your friend's patchwork, so good!!!

oldflowers4me said...

im loving your quilt.....

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