Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my new look laundry

I dont enjoy folding washing one little bit so something needed to be done to enhance the surroundings. This pile was blocking the lovely morning sunlight.
The old table I had in the laundry was needing a fresh coat of paint. The last time I painted it was when my son (who has just got married) moved into his first bedroom alone. Too long....so when I woke up the other morning the first thought that popped into my head was, 'it must be blue'. Kind of a 'deco' blue. Off to Bunnings and I pretty much grabbed the first colour card that caught my eye. I did check it in the sunlight to make sure it wasnt going to be too icy.
Dude at door, "Bye. Have a nice day".
Me, "I will. Im coming back in a second for paint".

I like the old borer life it has had, so leaving the holes, I painted it just how it was. It fits two large baskets under it perfectly. Ill use this table to iron on. I have always had an unhealthy, never to be explained loathing for ironing boards. Ironing is second to folding on my least-likely-to-attempt-today list.

P.S I did something naughty with the paint last night. Hope my landlord doesnt read my blog. Post coming soon about that!


willywagtail said...

Sigh... This could be the laundry of my dreams. I've always believed that they should be the size of a kids beroom, preferably a large one. So not fair seeing yours. Maybe I will have to post a picture of mine one day. It's the sort you need to play twister in, in order to get to the basin. Sigh.... Cherrie...

Angie said...

I'm with Willywagtail....how awesomely big is that laundry!

My laundry is a nightmare zone that thankfully has a door I can close!

I dropped my old Singer sewing machine off at the mechanics and thankfully all is AOK with her, in fact he said she was their best model (yeah sure whatever!) I was sweating a bit after your Singer tale.

Evelyne said...

Just found your blog...Really love your choice of materials. What a great idea for the laundry - I love ironing -" No - you can't bring yours over", so I don't mind a good ironing board - but yours is unique.

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