Thursday, September 16, 2010

my creative space

In order to sew for the market last weekend with a clear head I needed to completely clear the decks. One minute this table was full of mending in neat little piles ready to be attacked, then the next it had one single pile of kids clothes waiting to be overlocked. BUT to the side of this table against the wall is a MASSIVE pile of everything imaginable including my quilts, power tools, the biggest bag of scraps youve ever seen, unused fabrics cos I got distracted halfway through something, all of these are thrown atop another piece of unpainted furniture (arggh) still waiting for its legs to be screwed on.

Meanwhile in the dining room I set up a separate work station with Nannas machine for all the straight stitching. 

Here is a great tip:
When you have a lot of fast sewing to accomplish put a blanket under your sewing machine and use it as a pincushion.

It kept my head clear and focused as it was great to have two clearly defined spaces for this final day before we hit the market. I ended up almost running from room to room in the end but I was trying to complete around twenty items all at once in various stages.

stage 1

It still looks like this today minus the clothing because I FINISHED THE PILE FOR THE MARKET! YAY!
I wish I was in my creative space today but ive been off to work at a new job every day this week.


As soon as the weekend hits ill be back in there sorting out that massive pile.

Make sure you check out Kootoyoo if you havent just come from there.

My favourite creative space is here.


Kate said...

I love the blanket pin cushion suggestion.
It would probably work to stop the sewing machine moving about as I jam fabric through it too.
I love that last pic of you.
Hope the day job is fun. x

Copper Patch said...

You have been BUSY! I hope you've been whistling while you work :o)

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