Friday, September 17, 2010

once upon a time: photo shoot

Hmmmmm....  I feel another photo shoot coming soon.  This was great to see someone in the clothes I make dancing around my garden. Thankyou miss Tilley!

Huge thanks to CurlyPops for sending me the link via My Poppet so I could make these into an animation
: ) !


Ms Cinti - my poppet said...

Found you via curlypops, see not that hard to do an animation. Go on and link to the meme so others can check out your amazing work.
really loving your gear. Totally my taste, i think i have that tablecloth that you made the pants out of lol!

dorothybills said...

such a modern techno savvy!!

Vic said...

Oh my, I LOVE the pants set - gorgeous!!!

Sara said...

love love LOVE this! you are extraordinary indeed. I was especially wowed by the pants and top combo, even though i am normally a dress girl hands down, that fabric looks so stylish. Envy the lucky darlings that will get to wear these threads! xx

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