Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my place and yours

                                                                     newly hung rack

This weeks theme over at Hello Owl is 'A day in your life'. This was a really productive day that I had this week. I did lots of odd jobs that required tools. Here is how things turned out.

1. First stop was my new studio. I hung a rack which holds my trimmings up off the floor and it fit perfectly beside an inbuilt bookshelf.

no hole covers left (oops)

2. I removed the plastic hole plugs, (you know the ones, they cover the holes youre not using so the cupboard looks nicer) for the silly kitchen cupboard above the sink which didnt seem to fit anything much in it because it had these wire racks in it, not shelves! The plugs came away in pieces (I cut them off as they were so old) and I had to drill them out to be able to replace them with the holders for where I wanted the shelves to go. Ill paint them later.

3. I painted the disgusting cupboard that I didnt like to put anything in as it was so gross. Were renting so I hope my landlord doesnt see this!

Im a bit high on paint fumes but im deliriously happy with what I accomplished.

Thanks for hosting, Danielle.


Evee said...

Fab! Doesn't a bit of shelving in place make the world of difference and I love your naughtiness!

Good Girls Studio said...

Enjoy your fume high :) It's such a sense of accomplishment to get a job done isn't it!

Evelyne said...

That's a serious piece of equipment - was it a case of, if I don't do it, it will never get done? That's what happens to me, then I stuff it up, and 'HE' has to fix it....that's my method and I'm sticking to it. Yours - job well done!

Copper Patch said...

Nice rack ;o) The Spring mantle looks great x

Danielle said...

Are you sure you done all of that in one day. Your like super woman. It looks fantastic. Thanks for playing.

victoria said...

I am admiring that pastel crockery collection, very nice!

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