Friday, September 10, 2010

elsie marley: kids clothes week challenge

I have news!
The fabulously inspiring Elsie Marley has once again given us what we have all been asking for.
Yes its finally arrived!
Our much anticipated Kids Clothes Week Challenge is happening throughout the land of blog.
It doesnt seem that long ago we were merrily, if not frantically, sewing our little brains out.
 As if things arent crazy/frantic enough around here....what, with the new baby announcement and lots of production for a kids market on the weekend (sorry no time to blog about that one - maybe later), my new job I started today, heck I had only just started to put the feelers out a fortnight ago!, art classes with the mr....need I go on? Thats why she calls it a challenge I guess.

breathe...just breathe* says to self

 Well! Im in once again. How about you? Check out the gorgeous things on Flickr everyone made last time and hey,  I dare you to say no. 

Ill be at the Rosebubs Market down at Rosebud this Sunday with Monetpaisley and Dorothybills.
Come and say hi if youre there!

1 comment:

Knicky Knacks said...

Sounds like a fantastic challenge. Whilst I will not partake in the festivities (intent is there but no sewing cred to back it up), I will watch the buzz from afar as you all get cracking on your sewing machines.

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