Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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I dont know why, but ive been going a bit cushion crazy.
I thought id give you a mini-tute on how to recycle your old flat pillows into two really plump modern ones. I have a trick up my sleeve when stuffings are lumpy and have 'had it'. Youll soon see why I have so many cushions around. I never throw old pillows away.

stuffing number one

stuffing number two

step 1. Take two tired pillows and ignore the fact if they have different stuffing.
            Cut them open after washing and throw the old covers away.

step 2.    Tear open the flat pillow from the inside out to expose the fresh inner. Feel for lumps and pull and stretch until its double the size as you want two cushions, not one and a half.

(if you get tired of step 2 just go faster)

You should end up with about half a dining table size piece of wadding

step 3.   Get your favourite cushion size cover to use as a template and cut two linings for two cushions.
I used scraps of white thrifted tablecloths that I had saved for a rainy day. It measures 35cm by 55cm and I love how it looks like a miniature pillow.

step 4.    Place the linings in single layers over the wadding to see if you have stretched it large enough. You may have to just tweek it at this stage to make it go the distance. Cut out around them so you end up with the same amount of lining size to wadding. (I cut two long pieces of lining and folded them each in half to make one cushion per piece. I did the same for the wadding.)

step 5.   Sew the linings together to make your cushions

and stuff the wadding into each side so you end up with a hole in the middle. The bad side of the wadding faces inwards and the good should be on the outside closest to your fabric.

Step 6.     Place stuffing number two into the middle to plump it out nicely until youre happy. I fit nearly half of the old pillow into each of mine. If you are doing large 60 cm cushions you will use half for each definitely.

step 7.    Stitch the ends together while folding the hem inwards to make a neat edge and youre done!   Unless you did one at a time like me and you still have one to go.

Make the other one quickly so you can do the fun bit now ... covers.

I took my inspiration from here

I used recycled blankets for backs and a striped weave I have been coveting for way too long.

I had bought the stripe as scraps and the pieces had to be joined together down the centre.

I like the happy accident of the seam though. In fact I love it!

OOps, I almost forgot to say thanks to Kirsty at Kootoyoo for hosting another inspiring day!
I love the dress Elisha at MonetPaisley made from fat quarters. Check it out, and all the other inspiring Gals over on Kootoyoos blog.


bec said...

Great idea; I want to make round cushion inserts, this will get me fired up to do it! Waste not want not, I say (as well)

Amanda said...

I need to make up some round ones too. This is a great push :)

LeelaBijou said...

Wow, fantastic!

Tracey said...

great idea, thanks for the tute!

Teresa said...

These are great, thanks for the tutorial.

handmadehappiness said...

reuse recycle love it!!

Catherine said...

Great idea!

Angie said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing, hope my collection looks all white & clean after a wash!

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