Friday, June 17, 2011

shop update

size 2
Buttons finally went on this little eskimo.

size 2

Ive lined these little Juniper boots with my favourite craft print at the moment and am able to place them in the shop this evening. I have orange ones almost done but they wont make it before the light fades.

girls size 5-6

I love this hood lining as it has scenes of Little Red Riding Hood.
Off to Etsy now and im also on MadeIt too in case youre wondering.


Allana said...

I love your coats and other goodies so much - you are awesome!
Yay for having your eskimo featured in Peppermint, I meant to comment the other day. I felt so proud for you xx

Maxabella said...

The coats are lovely, Wendy. I actually popped in to tell you that Cappers LOVES her Eskimo and was warm as buttered toast when we visited cold Canberra recently. So many people complimented her on her pretty jacket and she was just in heaven. Thank you! x

Killiecrankie Farm said...

Wow do you make that green duffle coat to fit big girls ? (I mean really BIG girls !).
Your coats are just so cheerful and a wonderful splash to a dull Winters day.
Great to discover your creative blog :)

Caroline said...

The green of that coat is just divine. Yes, I would wear one too! Congrats on being in Peppermint, I loved seeing you in the mag when I read it this morning. xx

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