Friday, June 3, 2011

things that make me happy

Lily's pad.
 My little friend Lily made this amazing piece of architecture and it inspired me in more ways than I can say. She had even tiled the back room!! and it had a loft as well. It was fascinating to me to view her interior styling and the fabrics she had chosen. A true masterpiece.

Memories of our holiday
 (boy did that man of mine have a few surprises up his sleeves
 I mean check out where he had booked for us to stay)

  and this shot here is only the downstairs powder room.
Yep totally spoiled.

The fact that teenagers still rely on you to perform mother-love miracles when they hurt themselves

this envelope I made from an old childrens book. I love everything about this image.
The font, the colours, the snow, the movement.

Dictionarys. We play our own family version on holidays

This painting the Mr painted for another anniversary present
which I need to move from here to showcase it above the fireplace for wintertime.

Gorgeous but simple floral arrangements

Ive never seen lilies done this way, have you?
 I have some growing all over the garden too and I wonder if I could do this?

This latest find of the most beautifully, unusually coloured granny square rug.

The person who made this had a fantastic eye for colour, nothing too primary but they all seem to stand out regardless. My photos dont do it justice.

And of course my love.

but its such a nice way to start the day.

p.s.  Much better than arguing with your teenager over hot porridge, about whether or not to send him to ski camp when he hasnt fixed the window he broke when he, (ahem), let himself in after being locked out last weekend due to the fact that he trashes the house when hes home alone.
We thought we'd teach him some respect. Hah!
Seems ive got manchild-butt to kick.

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Leonie said...

How do you kick a man size butt? Do you need a foot stool to stand on? he he.

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