Saturday, June 18, 2011

holy crap

I was thinking of leaving you just the pictures of life right now but I suppose I should say something or this may be considered meaningless to all those who havent gotten to know us yet.
 Above are the additives that the menfolk decided to add to the beer brew last weekend. It is tasting delicious although seems to be devoid of alcoholic content but we will fail to mention that if I have any say. Which I do, cos this is my blog and not his because I was the one who turned the heater off the other night during fermentation.

My sons' have been missing each other more than we were aware of.

Adelin is happy but needs to feather her nest so weve been looking for houses close by.

My boys are a tad theatrical so anything goes when they get together.

It has taken us three days to get baby Violet into her youngest uncles arms but hey, did he enjoy it once he succumbed to her charms. All I can say in his defence is that he may take after me as before I had had my own babies, I was the most unmaternal person you could meet. I had only ever held a baby twice in my lifetime leading up to the birth of Zjahlii. Total denial.

There has been alot of sitting on my handbag at mealtimes grabbing a bite of pasta, or whatever is going, late at night. Time I hung my bag on a door handle to make room on chairs for the masses.

Alot of old photo reminiscing. Here is Navarh at two months and doesnt he look like his daughter?

The engaged couple from two years ago, time flies and all that. We are all looking forward to whatever life holds.
Corny hey? I cant help it okay!


Evee said...

It must be so sweet having your babies all back "milling" around at home. Enjoy! xxxx

Kate said...

Life looks full to bursting around your place right now. You must be one pretty amazing mama to have them keeping coming back. Have a wonderful weekend. xx

Michelle Macdonald said...

You will miss them when they move to their own nest...empty nest syndrome...AGAIN. :-)

Flower said...

Your family are beautiful! And halarious!!!! Baby Violet....I'm lost for words....So sweet xx

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