Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Im finally sewing again after much ado about the home happenings. Talk about a dry spell.
Over a week off!

With all the moving around of the furniture and to-doings I realised I had parked the big fabric armoire in front of my etsy photo hook/nail, right where I got beautiful light morning and afternoon. Grrr.
So it was back to the old door in the studio until I find another spot. the light in here is looking like I live somewhere in scandinavia with its blue tones.

I spent the morning finishing the final cut of the pattern for the size 16 wrap dress.

I think its a good fit now but ill wait for some healthy customer feedback before I get too ahead of myself. Here is your dress Tiffany. I love this fabric (say that alot dont I?) so much now I see it made up that im going to have to head back to Amitie to buy the last of the roll. 

Ive been going through my clothes trying to find warm things to wear and realise I had put many things in my restyling/rehashing pile (read: large big red white and blue bagful).
Id like to announce im going to have to have a regular day in here where im forced to tackle the not quite right clothes. Feel free to join in. Itll be chaotic and unpredictable I promise.

Here is something I prepared earlier.
This is a scarf I upcycled a while back and have been wearing quite a bit so thought id show you what I did cos it was really quick and had a good effect (I think)
on what was a truly bland number that I wasnt wearing.
I sliced a square linen bird embroidery on an odd angle making sure it would reach across the base of the scarf once I wanted to sew it on. Stitched across, topstitched and voila!
Now it is an always worn scarf. If anyone wants me to do another one to show you more of the process I can, so sing out.


TK said...

oh I am so so happy!!! This is way better than I could ever have hoped for - you have got me down to a tee with this design & that fabric was really the right choice - I love it already!!! TK xx

zofia said...

what a wonderful idea for the bird. I love how it looks.
Still muddling along in my chaos here.
Thanks for inspiring.xx

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Visiting from TK, love your work, those eskimo jackets are just divine! xx Rach - Squiggly Rainbow

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