Thursday, June 2, 2011

my creative space

There is definitely space to create here at the moment and its a shame it will get filled up in no time. The shelves have gone to a better home in the laundry now that the furniture reshuffle we did the other weekend has made more room throughout the whole place.

Id love to be working on upcycling all the things im finding like these little overalls that I seem to have begun by cutting the elastic off and then left. I have so many of these five minute jobs! Do you?
When this tidy-up is complete I will get to do some little renovation projects like these after spending time freshening things up.

But if you came over right now youd find me tackling this.
Piles and piles of tangled lace that would make any crafter cry.

Apparently not me.
Apparently im going to be okay because after roughly 20 minutes ive achieved
something I thought would take longer
and am totally in element carding the masses.

It was hard to begin this huge job at the start of winter but im already feeling lightheaded
with the process. Now onto that pile of blankets and knits. Eeeek!
Where would you store 25 blankets in your home if you had to?


Evee said...

I have been fighting with my blanketsof late too. I love them scattered throughtout the house so I can look at them with delight, on the lounge, and lounge chairs, beds and so-on and the "left-overs" I have only just rolled up and placed on the floor in stacks arould the house,ie,hallway,on top of bookcase, on ottomon against bedroom wall and under chinese desk. It's working for now! Have a great day, so you sooooon! xx

A Christy Production said...

I have NO storage in my house. So they'd probably be stacked under my craft table and used as warm foot rests haha!!!

Frankie and Ray said...

Hard to hide 25 blankets! I do like the idea of a bit of therapeutic carding, but then I thought I would find making poms poms therapeutic and relaxing too. Turns out I just got bored!!

Andrea said...

Look at that white table - fantastic!

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