Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pieces of my day

I started my day in the garden and I dont know about you but I kind of love rubbish day. There still seems to be the odd bit of foam hidden under the oak leaves left over from the landlords cleanup?? so the last of them (being hopeful here) has gone on its merry way to the tip. yay!

Rustico is always happy when im outside as he thinks its for him.

I planted my first things in the soil today since moving in. I dont know why it has taken me so long to put down roots at this place but there it is. They are hibiscus cuttings from my mums garden so that makes this event even more special plus the neighbours have been cutting down trees soooo... yeah.

The sun hits the back room midmorning and even though its starting to look like weve just moved in its still a beautiful working environment.

The storm before the calm perhaps? I wont be wearing my naughty pants for a good wee while methinks.

Im beginning to feel like I can beat this cough.
Whether its the getting done of things that are bugging me
like catching up on washing woolens,
sweeping the cobwebs off the front doorway,
putting down some roots in the part of the garden that was most neglected
or the process ive started in the studio and back room im not feeling overwhelmed in the slightest.

How about you? Are you preparing for winter?
Tackling odd stuff around the place? Enjoying a process of sorts whatever it may be?
Id love to hear what youre up to...


Frankie and Ray said...

Hooray Wendy, you must be on the mend. Even little things like a little potter in the garden in the sunshine will help you on your way! I envy your sunny workroom, mine faces south, is downstairs (read - COLD), so this means I take to my knitting in a sunny spot when I can't face it! Jo x

Kate said...

Nope! No preparing for winter here this year. My head is up north on the caravan adventure. I do need to do an enormous cull and clean before I get there though.
So pleased to hear you are starting to beat that sucker f a cough. x

MonetPaisley said...

You should see my house, we have the dryer repair man coming in the morning so I have tidied all the bits and bobs and any rhing that doesnt have a home got put in a basket in a corner of the bedroom for me to tackle tomorrow. The floors are.vaccumed and mopped and I even moved the dryer and swept amd mopped under there so there are no nasty surprises for mr drelyer repair man. I am too hyped too sleep now........

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