Monday, June 6, 2011


 Normal happenings of life seem to be spoken of in here more than I want them to be
 but thats how these last two or so weeks have been.
A bit of the boring, a bit 'life as we know it'.

Words werent flowing as my head was too full. My house was too full. Now im feeling clearer and im hoping will have some really fun stuff to talk about soon.

Ive lured you here with a pretty picture of the fruits of our labour from the weekend. The lawns got mowed (no mean feat with us lot arguing about whos turn it is), firewood got stacked, shed got cleared, shrubs trimmed and since the whipper snipper is broken I took the machete to the lawn edges.
Yes Sirree! All of them! My shoulder has been twitching ever since.

Weve been needing to stock up on firewood for about three months
 eeek! and have finally done it. Boy, were we caught off guard with the coldness.
Half the problem was where to put it once we got it home. Last time it was in the dining room like scandinavians do and although I would love to aim for a scandinavian aesthetic inside (more on that later) again this year I dont need the spiders or sawdust it brings.
And so it went here by the front door within easy reach.

Im such a happy person today as our weekend was full of hard work but alot of instant gratification as well. Like this fireplace the Mr and I built against the back wall. Such a quick simple thing but weve already used it both nights and I love it. The yard where we are renting is bare apart from one huge oak tree and a heck of a lot of gravel.
last week I started planting out the bare plots and it seems to be always the way when I do something, that soon after MrTL will jump on board getting motivated about this and that.
He even let me boss him around a little. The poor guy hardly sat down.

My winter shelves are finally ready for a more streamlined approach to production of the
eskimo jackets, heidi coats and womens Lumberjackets. After finding the samples for the womens wrap dresses the other day im almost bouyant. Its been a bit of a battle for me trying to source the perfect fabrics, as some of you are probably aware. 

In totally unrelated weird news Mr 16 had a dress-up party to attend on the weekend so he bought himself some tights. What is it with men in tights, or any womens clothing for that matter. They just have to know how their bum looks in it?
Do they get that from us or do we get it from them?
Hope you had a nice sunshiney weekend too!

p.s.  Im off to my mums in the country today to do a bit of renovating with my daughter and her little one. So that will be four generations hitting the op-shops. Ill try not to buy too many blankets but I seem to be all out of doileys?


Shelley said...

Your 'about me' says you "crochet rugs I dont end up liking" and I had to say "ME too!"
Well, I crochet all sorts of stuff (beanies, garments...) but persistently have a 1/5 ratio of 'stuff liked' to 'stuff produced'. So I think my crochet may well be a therapeutic hobby rather then a creative endeavour. Still.
One must keep on, methinks.
and nice blog too!

Sarah said...

That's one pretty wood pile, and your outdoor fireplace is making me think that we might need one too :)

Happy op shopping - all four generations of you!

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