Thursday, June 2, 2011

my creative space - tonights episode

Leaves come in through the back door sometimes but this one is from someone elses garden
and im gonna go looking for it next time I walk the dog.

I got nicely sidetracked as I worked and chopped up a few things along the way. One of these days im going to catalog my WIPs in the same way ive seen others do in blogland.
You know those years list with a whole 365 days to make yourself look like
youre giving yourself enough time.

I had an unexpected visitor that scared the hysterectomy out of me when I brought in the washing tonight. (not that ive had one) I havent seen one of these since we moved in. He was fiesty too. Give me spiders anyday. These are pure creepiness if youre asking me.
 But it was such a good drying day here in Melbourne I feel all caught up. Until the teenager cleans his room that is, dont you love that???...

Well im still going in the studio and back room and calculate im halfway but really want to finish it tonight so I can get back into production.


dorothybills..... said...

Same here today, lots of lovely clean sheets with that sunshine feel..mmm, and I totally get the teenager bringing a pile of washing after you think you have finished, I keep telling mine they will have to do it themselves...yeah right!

Kelly Ingram said...

Oh, my lot are the same! Just when I think I'm up to date, they clean their rooms and boom! - 2 more loads, at least :-P. Your space is going to feel so refreshed when you are all done, I'm sure the making vibes will flow freely in your new, sorted space x

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