Thursday, June 9, 2011

I had big plans

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I lay awake last night making plans for this day. Not that I wanted to lie there for an hour wide awake when I could have been asleep. Every night for two weeks now its the same story and im waking up groggy. And I thought I wasnt a morning person before. Huh! What did I know. I wanted to sew in my new tidy space today. I deserved to have a play and do something exciting, fresh, different. My head is full of ideas and I need to get them out now that im not coughing every. single. moment.

A bit of background knowledge.
MrTL started back at night shift this week. So things feel back to front, not that thats a bad thing, we all need to adjust thats all.

Yep its topsy turvy land at the top of my Faraway Tree.

Allow me to tell you about my very non eventful day. Apart from a needed gift to myself of a nice pair of pyjamas to sloth around in cos thats all I do, isnt it? (pic coming)

I woke (for good) and actually got out of bed at 9:30
put heaters on
made nice salty porridge
filled sink with hot water that is still sitting there but has obviously gone cold (dont like to admit this but hey, ill do them tomorrow)
put washing on
turned dryer on
ironed one shirt and one item to post
checked emails, ironed another thing to post
searched for anything the Mr asked for
 dusted around tv
  a windowsill
performed 1mm from baldness haircut
waved goodbye to the teenager
patted the dog and fed it
vacuumed up hair and while I was at it did half the house as far as the cord would reach
looked at clock, 1st hour gone
drove the Mr to the train station
got told where and how to park
had an argument about not parking fast enough cos he was in a hurry ( I WAS TOO.
 to get rid of bossy him so I can start my day 
how about you get out faster?)
now im awake! no kiss goodbye for you
snuck to the op-shop
bought a light shade and a quilted bedspread
mood picked up slightly
went home to half drunken cup of luke-warm tea
boiled kettle again and made cup of tea number two
poured excess hot water on most offensive weeds in garden (what, you dont do that?)
put rubbish out
wiped up floor around leaking fridge
phoned a friend to say I would be late meeting for coffee
arrived late anyway
"I cant stay longer than an hour or so"
bought very lovely and very needed pyjamas
mood resumed to normal level
helped friend shop for dresses for an italian summer
found two dresses that she'll probably get home and second guess
came home wrapped post parcels
raced to post office
rushed to bank,
wrong one! rushed to other bank
 op-shop was only just still open

where did my day go?
I had big plans for today...

  I have days like this alot. I dont like them very much. They are not productive
 but still full of lots of life stuff. I wish I could streamline my life how ive streamlined my house.
 How great that would be.
I have been sewing tonight and have added one lonely eskimo to the shop. Just squeezed in some photos before the light faded.
one. thing...

I have fifteen more minutes until the Mr gets home.... I wonder if I can cut something new out?



Sarah said...

Hey, you wrote this post too. But I know what you mean - my life seems like that often, but with a couple of needy little kidlets in tow. I notice that my days are definitely better after I've had an early night. Ooops, did it again - off to bed I go!

willywagtail said...

O dear Wendy. You make me so glad to be single. I know yours is a good man but I don't want any of that tension anymore. I'll park just where I like and everyone else can fray their nerves but mine are intact. Very selfish I know. I still however have lots of days where others needs and wants come before the craft but then suddenly the sewing will burst to the fore and all seems well again. I'm off to my weekly telelphone wit/tea-morning sO I can talk to some adults for a while. Hope your days smooth out a little for you now that the sniffles have abated. Cherrie

MonetPaisley said...

I love it, you might not.feel like you accomplished much but it makes for a very entertaining read. I am still smiling.....

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