Thursday, June 16, 2011

my creative space

I was up at 5:30 this morning in my creative space just so I could get something done before the weekend hits. I know its still a whole day away but my 'me' time has become almost non existent and im clutching at any spare moment this week.

Ive done a rough-copy pattern for the Lumberjackets

like the one I made here.

Ive managed to cut a couple of different sizes for the little boots and because I made them in june im calling them Juniper boots!

Theres been a little bit of pin-cushioning these last couple of days but I cant seem to finish more than one in a sitting.
I even managed to lose some in the studio which is quite clear in a tidy way at this point in time so I dont know whats with that?

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Kate said...

How did you take that second photo?
Hope you got lots done.
Love the name Junoboots.

wendy hill said...

haha, youre on to me! With my left hand but it wasnt easy, I turned the camera off twice by mistake!
And ive just changed the name for the third time to Juniper boots cos Juno was kind of too sixties-ish but not tree-ish at all. Hope you still love it though, eeek.

Leonie @ Cuppa and Cake said...

Can you turn the camera upside down and then flip the image later? Just a thought.

Love those lumber jackets by the way.


ohangelina said...

lovely photos. beautiful tree pincushion! x

Kate said...

Juniper was the name we were going to call Pepper if she was a boy. Love it! And if I'm not ever going to have a boy you may as well make use of it. x

zofia said...

beautiful coat, need to save my pennies again!
Juniper boots- love.

You are so busy busy Miss Wendy!

Wendy said...

Don't suppose those Lumberjackets come in grownup sizes, hmm?

Looks great!


Evee said...

I love the first photo of the tape. Very cool!

Evee said...

Oh,I woke in the middle of the night and was thinking about maple leaves and acorns for your lumberjackets. Don't know what you think but perhaps maple leaf pockets or teeny wool filled acorns cut from wool dangling from end of hood. Just a vision...

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