Tuesday, January 11, 2011

its finished

This morning ive finished the custom order quilt for Jo. If I knew how close I was to finishing it I would have kept going last night. Yesterday the quilting seemed to go on forever, but when I got up and started again this morning all of a sudden it was done within the space of ten minutes! So ive sewn the binding on and here we are staring at the finished item. Im going to find it hard to say goodbye and
I hadnt given it a name because I knew id be parting with it. But now I think ill simply call it Jo's quilt.

Ive been across to Narioka this morning and have seen that Julie has done the true version of a postage stamp quilt so im a bit lost as to what these type of quilts are called again?

Im going to have to find out, or does anyone know?
The squares are 12 x 12 cm in the raw.

I like the fact that there is no blacks or browns like there is in mine. It has a much prettier palette.

As I was sewing I wanted to capture as much of the process of this one as I could plus I discovered while I was stitching along that there are so many fabrics that ive used for dresses and clothes from
Little Tree Kids. So I guess this is a true Little Tree Kids quilt which is a nice thought.

There are a couple of random patches I found in my stash,

splices of vibrant green silk alongside oriental toile that had to be widened with craft print
to meet the size square I needed,

blue bemsilk leading into the fabric I used the other day to make my summer tunic,

followed with pumpkiny orange bemsilk and some Little Tree Kids summer range fabrics all in the mix!

Im sad to see the end of this quilt so theres only one thing to do isnt there?
I must distract myself with another one.
Yes, thats what ill do.

Right after ive made those wrap dresses youve all been waiting to see.
I may even have something to show you before the end of today. Stay tuned.


Sarah said...

I can see why it would be hard to say goodbye - it looks so lovely. I'm inspired to get my machine out and finish off the quilt I started last year for my daughter's bed.

Frankie and Ray said...


Kelly Ingram said...

Beautiful Wendy! The mix of fabrics is just lovely. xx

Copper Patch said...

'Jo's quilt' looks fabulous Wen. Well done you! I love the huge range of funky fabrics in the top. I'm sure it will be well used.
Ab xx

melissa said...

Looks fantastic Wendy - as usual!! - i would love to come and nosy about your fabric stash -Yummy!

willywagtail said...

Congratulations. I would say Jo will be stoked with her quilt regardless of the size of the squares. It's rather sad that you have to give away something with your dress history in it. Cherrie

Evelyne said...

It's such a beautiful quilt made with love. All your fabrics go so well together - stunning!

KERRY said...

This is amazing! I wish I could do something like this!! You could definitely make slippers!!

green tea and red nails said...

this is AWESOME!! you have totally inspired me to get started on my quilt :)

kel x

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