Monday, January 24, 2011

whats in my bag

Id already done a post today but then I was doing some banking and looked back at Blogger to find Kate was asking us 'whats in our bag?'.
What the hey...

a pen
a minties wrapper from Zjahlii's lolly stash
a clothing label I liked but now dont
deodorant (my fave for summer)
a key I was supposed to give zjahlii for a buffet I bought her
movie night demand for a 'girly one please'
necklace of a tree painted on a butterfly wing
phone (my life is in there!)
hair tie
vintage sunnies kept in my TinyHappy pouch (I have three as I love her work)
train tickets from the cricket (dont laugh, we had a corporate box invite)

pretty boring compared to Kates!

Ive got my own meme going on here if you want to show off
'Whats on your Wall?'


willywagtail said...

If I were to show what is in my bag all you would see is old shop-a-dockets and used tissues. Very boring. Sorry I can't join in at the moment because the camera cord has gone walkabout. Cherrie

Kate said...

I'm so excited to see inside your bag. I know its probably wierd but I am. Is that movie any good? At first glance I thought how blue toned your handbag contents are. I always expected you to be more greeny. Thanks so much for playing and showing.

Tania said...

Tic Tacs. I love Tic Tacs. But I only ever find 'em knocking about solo style rolling about with the fluff bits at the bottom of the bag.

yaga said...

Kate's right, the toning of your handbag is so blue, it could be a shot in a blue themed series or so... add some blue craft project next time to go out! ;oP
love yaga

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