Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the after

A couple of weeks ago I did a 'before' post on Mali's room as mum and I were shifting her into her new big girls bed to make room for the new baby. It was wise to do this way before she noticed any other changes taking place so as not to have too many at once.

Zjahlii cleaned while I did other things,

like watching Mali playing

and messing up the room in general

We managed to set up the bed but it took all day as we got it for free and the slats were missing,
so we had to cut more. Dad had the tools at work so we had to wait. Here is Mali's quilt in its new home.
The toy box was a roadside find too! This is as far as we got on the day.
Id love to surprise Zjah soon with new curtains made from vintage tablecloths (dont worry she doesnt read my blog so wont find out).
Not much of an 'after' yet, but nice for me to look back on and see the progress.
I know well get more done next visit.

Ill post some wrap dresses this afternoon as im still sewing.
Back to the machine...


Ruth said...

A nice low bed. do you have the right colour tablecloths. I could look through my stash if you need some more. Cherrie from willywagtail

melissa said...

Mali is the most beautiful little girl! Her quilt looks gorgeous on her bed too. Ive sewed lacey and embroidered tablecloths together for curtains in my daughters room and it looks great!

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