Thursday, January 20, 2011

shop update

size 3-4

Im just posting these in here to help me keep track as well as sharing with you.

 Production and photo taking is slow as im totally scatterbrained this week.

Ive been busy in the garden today, mowing lawns, despite getting off to a slow start (thanks meter man for helping me work out how to get the lawnmower going) and tidying up the studio, (still going), being interrupted by umpteen phonecalls even though I refused to answer them all, sorry if youve tried calling today and youre reading this now. 
What was I saying? 
Oh yeah.
Here's a couple of green dresses that are new.

size 2

Im moving into the oranges and browns next.
Have to keep changing the darn cotton for top-stitching, you see.

Apologies for not posting 'Whats on your Wall?' lately.
Its just that we keep going away for the weekends and when I remember, its too late.
So... sorry. There will be one for tomorrow though!


Tanya said...

Clearly youave a beautiful fabric stash.

Melody said...

Very pretty

willywagtail said...

Wish I could fit into that size 2 green one. Just perfect. Cherrie

Alison said...

A lot of loveliness going on.

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