Wednesday, January 12, 2011

number two wrap dress

Well, now im just showing off.
I just love these so much I cant help myself.

I wish id done them last year when you all suggested it.

Im going to learn to listen more attentively.

The first order I took for these was at the market and the lady said not to place the doiley on the hip so ive put it lower down the leg and sliced it so you have a line not something round.
I listened to her and im glad because she knew what she was talking about.

A nice leafy trim on this one.
Really hoping these are as flattering on as I see in my minds eye. Ive tried so hard to tweak the pattern to suit a lot of shapes.

Well soon see once I get some feedback.
Ive already recieved another order via facebook so here goes some more sewing.
My studio is looking crazyfied.


zofia said...

Crazyfied, but busy- gotta be good! :D

Michelle Macdonald said...

love it...these wrap dresses are georgous...I would like one too but something patchwork style or would that be to kitch?
Hmmm I am determined to visit the shop asap...

the textured leaf said...

Mish: Elisha just suggested making different front fabrics to the back, as I did in the first girls wrap tops so that might be something to explore?

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