Monday, January 31, 2011


This is what  I saw when we were away for the weekend... this little one wanting to be held.
Ive been teaching her new words at every opportunity and she is so intrigued by speech she tries to say them soon after. My favourite time with her is the mornings when she wakes up and starts saying sentences. I know shes trying to tell me something important.

The boys went fishing for the whole day while us girls spent time op-shopping.
So we were all in a great mood. Zja scored a fantastic big pot for jam making or stove top dyeing, oh! the possibilities???...... but it ended up being used to clean the fish. 

Its time we got ourselves a new boat, perhaps one we all can sleep on? At the moment its a squish with four people trying to fish their hearts out.

Theres something about seeing red painted poles on jetties dont you think?

Elisha and I.... she knows how to work that camera. I appreciate any hints. Especially once I realised I only capture half the subject sometimes.
We spent a nice evening at the foreshore restaurant 'Wild Fish'. Their menu is amazingly good. Its becoming a family tradition to eat here every time we take the boat out.

Me and Zja.... oh and the Mr!
She and hubby find out what theyre having in four short weeks.

We're all a bit excited about that.

Zja is thinking 'girl' and I am too.

My giveaway finishes today for anyone who hasnt seen it yet.
Ill announce the winner tomorrow morning.


Yves said...

Mali loves you sooooo much! Looks like a fabulous time by the seaside. By the way you look great in that colour! x

willywagtail said...

You do know that you are still the best looking of the lot don't you?! An amazing grandmother. It's lovely that your family can enjoy fun times together. Cherrie

the textured leaf said...

Thanks so much. You guys are nice! i think everyone should try wearing orange at least once then. x

The Moerks said...

Mali is so very cute and you are all a very photogenic bunch!

Catherine said...

What a sweet little girl. I love it when little ones wake up in the mornings they have so much to say, it's very sweet when they are learning to speak. Lovely photos of you and your family. :)

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