Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this boy can sew

My 16 year old needed some shorts.
(warning content may offend)

Styles like this are roughly $70-$80 in surf shops.

Everytime were out shopping I tell him we'll make our own.

 He believes me now.

 I cut out one pair (he wants four) and showed him how to make his own pattern.

I forced him to sew some seams and he is GOOoood.

Well... I was looking at his face... when I took this.
The word smug comes to mind.
He is off out the door for another day in his fleetingly short teenage life.
He had swagger.
I KNOW it was his new shorts.


Kate said...

A gorgeous boy who can sew too. You breed em good Mrs. XX

Cotton Kiwi said...

Love it. Good life skills. Not surprised he had swagger!

CurlyPops said...

Now that is cool! The guy has style.

Frankie and Ray said...

Ha, ha, ha! Mum's revenge?? Nice shorts! And I love that you acknowledge this state of being 16 is going to be short and sweet, and you let him make the most of it! (do you have a line of girls at your door?)

BOB & MABEL said...

I've been teaching my girls ( 6 and 9) to sew and the little guy (4) is desperate to sew, apparently he wants to be a sewer!
Your son is too cute, cheekiness and all!!!

yaga said...

Ooooh, sexyyy!! boys who make their own stuff are just gorgeous, and they have all the right in the world for swaggering!! ;o)

Samantha said...

So awesome. Have to teach my boys to sew when they are older.

Cherie said...

You're a wonderful Mum, producing not only a good sort but a sewer as well, what a dream guy he is, well done ;-)

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I love that you taught him to sew them!!!

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