Monday, January 24, 2011


Here is the freshest shot of our daughter in law and new grand-daughter!
She suits being pregnant dont you think?

Does anyone know where I can find some nice organic cotton in muted tones to make maternity and babywear? Id like to get my hands on some really soon.

These lovely people will be coming to live with us soon so there will be
a huge re-shuffling at our house to make room for baby.
My sewing studio will be pulled apart and ill be back in the laundry as that room will
become number four's bedroom again.

Weve spent the weekend going through the house and shed and this is just the start.
My studio is sorted due to lots of encouragement from the Mr. I needed it as I was struggling all last week to streamline things.
After much ado about nothing ive decided I need to tackle my mending so ive left it on my sewing table in piles sorted by colour. I hope this works. I intend to do a colour everyday until its done in between some new eskimo jackets. For you ladies who are waiting on these im sorry for the delay in the making. It seems ive slowed right down with everything. starting them today!

There is also an art workshop happening at our place tonight. We havent been getting to art classes
 lately so are holding our own!
It should be a fun night with close friends.


kirsty said...

oh you are a lucky girl, all these grand babies! so exciting. sells organic fabric. if i lived closer i'd share my studio with you, imagine the fun!


BOB & MABEL said...

She certainly does look amazing!
For organic fabrics you could try

Kate said...

She looks gorgeous!
That period of time when you are pregnant with your first baby is one of the most exciting ever I think. How lucky are you that you get to enjoy it from up close. Have fun tonight and with the mending and shifting and making. X

the textured leaf said...

Thanks guys, ive just checked out both sites. They look really promising!

melissa said...

Thats going to be one gorgeous grandbaby , Dont you just love making teeny tiny baby things ? have fun! x

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