Sunday, January 23, 2011

whats on your wall?

This weeks 'Whats on Your Wall?' is two days late! Sorry guys!
I seem to be chasing my tail this week.
But at least I didnt completely forget.

Im posting my first painting I ever did this week.
I copied her from an old masters painting called Eileen. I dont remember the artist. Its still waiting for its coat of glaze after about ten years. Its still very raw and not even under glass for now.
I love portrait painting. I feel as if its such an intimate process. Id like to do alot more one day soon.
 Of people that I actually know!
I wish I had a print of the original because Id like to hang them side by side. I love when you see that.

Well, would you like to join in and show me a favorite piece?

Heres the link

1 comment:

Kelly Ingram said...

What a great first painting! And such an elegant subject to paint. Lovely Wendy x

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