Friday, January 28, 2011

the good the bad and the abcess

This is a bit of ramble about my year so dont read on if its a bit 'meh'. 
Blogs for me are all about the photos and the capturing of something so this is where the rave starts.
I dont know why I feel compelled to document these shots.
I just do.
They vary so much in feeling and emotive state and pretty much sum up my 2010.
Here's me, with Solomon behind the camera and ive totally retro-ed it but the thing is I remember thinking I was looking at him and really seeing him through the lens while he took it, plus im kind of glad he managed to capture me with my mouth closed as im always talking during photos.

Adelin took this of me in Bren's shirt and pj's when the boys and I went over to Perth, and were waiting for the wedding. I always start to wear his clothes when hes away. Does anyone else do that?
Yep...and im talking, like I said. Freudian slip.
But this was the evening we were waiting for our husbands, her future (my son) to get back from Cambodia. Bren and he had gone for some male bonding. The wedding was the next day. So this is full of emotive memories of a different sort. Long conversation and a sharing of our hearts.

Again Adi took this, but at the beginning of the year when we didnt know what was ahead. When we were just getting to know each other. She had come to visit us for two weeks and Navarh had proposed.
To me its a very light hearted raw image and I like it. I remember being happy on this day of summer. We had spent hours by the pool.
She takes photos I like because I feel uninhibited in front of the camera with her. I think I always will, because were real friends already.

This one should have been a 'sign'.  The dog has neck rolls and I failed to notice til it was too late. 
We both need to exercise more. Ive taken him on a long walk this morning after getting up early and walking the Mr to the train station. Im starting to love how im so bad at capturing what I want in a shot to only to end up getting half of either subject.

And this has to be the best 'in the rain shot' of me and my youngest just simply having some fun after a late dinner in the city while a grumpy person (who I wont mention) looked on and wasnt included in the moment. He's not in the shot and he would have fitted in the gap we left if only he wanted to. I dont think he likes getting wet or something. So be it. I like how this reinforces that we do look like mother and son from certain angles.

Another honest shot by Adelin. No wonder Bren thinks im going bald. Oh, he hates these sunnies too but im not sure if I care. He says they are too wide for my face, which they are, but I can live with my small head even if he cant. Oddly it gets wider in the next photo along.

And now for the abcess!
I was in so much pain for the first couple of weeks of this year while we moved house.
All up I think it took 23 van loads, (not that we knew it would when we started). Alot of stuff got shifted by me and the kids while Mr TL was at work, and a couple of trailers for the piano and our long table. I was so excited about the move and the new house that I wanted to do it as a challenge or to get in shape or something. Plus for the first opportunity ever in all of our multitude of moves I deluded myself into thinking that I could set up house and take my time sorting things out while Bren was working. I didnt reckon on doing it with a toothache.... and lifting heavy things all day long isnt good for you.

I realise im a bit late posting about my year as some of you have already rounded yours up nicely and listed the things you would like to achieve for 2011. I dont know what I want to achieve yet. Im a bit lost as I havent been writing lists or anything lately. Just been keeping my head above water with production for the next markets and some orders but things feel like they are moving and I like that feeling.

How are things going at your place? Has your year started in the way you wanted it to?
Its hard to get into any sort of rhythm as its still school holidays but have you planned what youll be doing on their first day back? I have! 

'Whats on Your Wall?' will be posted here later today if you want to play along this week.
I hope you do!


Kate said...

I love this post so much Wendy. I can't remember now all the things I wanted to tell you as I was scrolling down but you are gorgeous, even with abcess. Just beautiful. have a happy weekend. X



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