Tuesday, January 4, 2011

summer clothes for me

(I tried to capture them 'on'. Good shot of the kitchen bench colour though.)

Im supposed to be out of the house by now, but I couldnt resist quickly posting these summer clothes ive made this morning for me. They are just for around the house, but since I spent yesterday in Mr TL's pyjamas I thought it was time.

A smock from a voile print and

some pyjama pants from a broderie anglaise polka dot.

Is anyone else out there sewing yet?
I happen to know this creative guru has got her mojo on for the new year.

I want to make one of her amazing quilts!


Kelly Ingram said...

They both look fab Wendy! Love the fabric you used for the pj pants especially. No sewing yet, this week for me BUT I have started knitting a hooded jumper for Levi, which should be a challenge, as I've only ever knitted scarves and blankets before (squares!). Happy sewing and shopping x

Ruth said...

O Wendy. I love your tunic. Gorgeous. I've done a few circle dresses before I went away but haven't posted it yet. Cherrie

melissa said...

Haha thanks Wendy! You are a tricker!

Love the dress and pants - they are my favourite kind ( elastic waist ! ) very comfy, i need to make some!

zofia said...

mm, nice!
Pjs are my pants of choice!
I hope to sew for me this year. Always planning and doing kids stuff..I think it's time I made myself something. :)

Sally said...

I ventured into the sewing room last night - did a little bit... but really got get in there and clean up fresh for the new year so that my mojo can come back and get me good :)
LOVE the voile tunic. I think voile is my favourite all time fabric (for now anyway) and the PJs are too good. Ace all round.

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