Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tuesday treasures

bird book for 10cents

I really try not to go op-shopping too much unless I need to go scouring for something in particular.
This week I needed more doileys for ladies wraps and a couple of blankets for some more eskimo jackets.
When I made the wrap dresses I sorted the doileys into summer weight ones and winter weight (thicker). Im fast running out of the fine summer ones and since we went away to the country to see our daughter and her hubby on the weekend I was close to some good local oppys.
I didnt find doileys or blankets but I did find these wonderful things.

So today im joining in with Tuesday Treasures over at The House on the Side of the Hill.

vintage sheets

and a fantastically huge case for the market.
Maybe I should keep it in the car for the next stash
of op-shopping goodies?

Thanks for hosting Melody!


willywagtail said...

Goodness. I try to go op shopping as often as possible. hehe. I remember those how and why books. We thought they were very special back in the days when material goods were not in such abundance. Cherrie

Melody said...

I love op shopping and you certainly had some good finds this week. Thank you so much for sharing them as part of Tuesday Treasures.

Rochelle Buckley said...

I love op shopping, one of my favourite past times. I have even managed to get my children to see the wonderfulness of it as well :-)

These are wonderful treasures you have acquired.

Have a wonderful week :-)

BubzRugz said...

Great finds at the op shop - I always keep an eye out for vintage sheets but somebody gets there first!!
Your wraps are lovely....

Maricarmen said...

You find a little treasure for a few money.

green tea and red nails said...

oh these are wonderful! i have a sheet exactly like the far left one and it has been well loved and used. cant wait to see what you create :)

kel x

Sheila said...

Wonderful treasures on your op shopping experience , wish we had one close enough I love to visit them as you just never know what you will find .Thanks for sharing ,hate to admit it but those sheets look familar ;-)

MichelleW said...

Wonderful finds - the vintage sheets are very pretty - I'm not sure what an op shop is as we don't have anything called that in the uk :0)

Bev C said...

Op shopping is great fun. I remember those How and Why books from childhood.
Happy days.

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