Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tree cover giveaway

I can finally give my giveaway a name!
A Tree Cover Giveaway.

Because at last, after much dilly dallying, ive made a cushion cover!

Its been running for quite some time already and youve all been wonderful and patient through the holiday season for me to come up with something worthy.

Thanks to all who have inspired me with their confidence but a special thanks must go to Abbe from Copper Patch who insisted (nicely) that I make something with a tree on it. Thanks Abs! Without your great suggestion I would never have honed in on that awesome japanese tree quilt and thought to sew this. The inspiration came from the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival set on Flickr.

Ive used a blanket for texture and then different vintage and craft prints for the mix. The back is a soft cotton velveteen with an envelope opening. Ive managed a bit of a photography for a tutorial, while putting it together, if anyone is interested?

During this time ive crossed the threshold of a hundred followers too! Thanks for the boost!

The post for the giveaway is here if you want to be in the running, ending the last day of January,
monday the 31st. Ill announce the winner on tuesday morning.


Cherie said...

Gorgeous cover. Don't pop me in the draw, let someone who has a similar decor be the lucky winner ;-)
Hopefully I'll get back to your wall meme this week ... so much to do so little time, sounds precisely he same in your house too too Wendy.
Huge Hugs. xo.

Kelly Ingram said...

Ooh, lovely cushion design Wendy, just lovely. Great idea to use a blanket for extra texture too.

melissa said...

Love the cushion cover ! Those trees would make great blocks for a quilt! I just had a look at the auction and realised id won! yippee! Must be my lucky day cos i won a giveaway as well, maybe should go buy a lotto!

Ill email my receipt for the auction payment
Thanks Wendy x

Teresa said...

Gorgeous cushion Wendy, the trees are a great idea, love the colours you've chosen for them too. Whoever wins it will be thrilled.

Kate said...

That cushion is amazing! I think you are amazing! I'm not going to enter because I have already been lucky enough to receive a Textured Leaf package of treasures but I am jealous of whoever does win. X

Copper Patch said...

It's lovely. See me being a bossy bith is a good thing :o)
Happy days xx

Copper Patch said...

Damn, that was supposed to say bitch...I don't know what a bith is! I can't even swear properly anymore....

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