Friday, January 14, 2011

three new dresses

size 12

I worked into the night trying to complete these next dresses
and then had to do a bit
of unpicking as I started making mistakes as my eyes failed me, so I waited and put
 the finishing touches on them this morning.
Late night sewing is only good when youre not tired and you are using light coloured fabrics, I suppose.

size 10

size 12

Im off to a friends place to sew today so I dont get distracted by my washing and housework that is mounting up, and by that, I mean my washing is a mountain while I try to restock and finish these orders.

So happy with what ive achieved though.

These will be in the shop later today!

1 comment:

Gen. said...

As you should be happy! You're wonder woman...I dont know how you manage to fit so much in & get so much done!
Dresses are looking fab! xx

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