Friday, December 31, 2010

whats on your wall?

an anniversary gift from the Mr a few years back,
of course I had to have a tree!

I thought id try to have one last 'Whats on Your Wall?' for 2010.
Sorry for not doing any for the month of december. With all the computer problems at first and then the market happenings it just got put in the too hard basket.

So... do you want to play?
You have a whole week to add your link and as usual id love to see
what you have hanging around at your place.


Sally said...

Excellent! I'll be back with some pics to add over the weekend. I've been missing the what's on your wall weekly motivation... and I've been a bit slack - but there are things to show and share :)
Wishing you an awesome 2011.

The Moerks said...

Whoops stuffed it up already. Forgot I needed to have a post to connect it to. Thought I was just going to put in a picture. Silly me. I will be back with a post over the weekend. Sorry.
Best Wishes for a terrific 2011. Deb

Kelly Ingram said...

I love that picture - the colours of the sky are just divine. The whole picture just has such a wonderful feel. I'll be playing along this week too..just have to upload my photos x

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