Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the other four jackets

This is the twin sister of the one I posted yesterday

except the lining is a stripe and floral this time.

This one was the one I said was my favourite

because im such a lover of peachy pinks

I thought the outsides were good until I started turning them inside out
and they are just as nice and they have that quilted look.

Yes, its still the one I love the most.

This colour is more green in real light but it conitnues to look bluer in shots.

The embroidery on this one is on a heavy natural linen that is stunning.

I wasnt sure about the inside of this one being too quirky until I saw it and now its made me want to explore some summer weight jackets for midseasonal wear.

Again with the blue shade that doesnt do this coat justice.

well my little break is over and my coffee cup is now empty so its back to the machine until market time.
I havent even begun to tell you my news fromt he last market and how many dresses im working on today. Ive lost count of how many I cut out yesterday. That will have to wait im afraid.

I hope to see you there if you can make it tonight!

oops, I nearly forgot to add MrTL's offerings for my market table.

Okay, im really going now, bye.


willywagtail said...

So glad I don't live near Melbourne I really couldn't afford it. Would you be awfully sad to hear that I have a lovely blue balnket like the top pink one being used by my puppy dogs. I saw these welsh type blankets cut up and combined with doilies to make cushions once. Very cute as well. Sending you all the best wishes to not collapse until after the market. lol Cherrie

beingsimone said...

I want all of of the girls jackets - I can't decide which is my favourite! I also REALLY want that jug :)

I absolutely adore TL's paintings.

But most of all I love that you are both doing this together and how supportive he is of you - that makes my heart glow :)

Lea said...

the jackets are lovely and snug looking too. i was wondering what sizes they are and which ones are still available for purchase.

melissa said...

Im just drooling over those little jackets - they are so beautiful! Good luck at the market tonight , i love Mr TLs paintings - you both have so much talent !

The Moerks said...

The jackets are terrific. I just love them. I am sure my children would have to wear them insideout as that lining is so lovely.

Frankie and Ray said...

I see I'm no the only one coveting a jacket! Oh, and I think I like the one with the pink stripe at the bottom the best too. I hope your market was a huge success tonight!

Bron66 said...

I love your jackets too! I would love matching mother and daughter ones! I really like the paintings too, esp the owl. Merry Christmas! Hope the sun shines today.

Copper Patch said...

The jackets are ace as always and Mini-me will need one when the time comes.
I am going to HAVE to HAVE a Fox and owl piccie though, especially since this kid is going to be a fox!
We must talk deals.

Michelle Macdonald said...

the jackets are that fox Mr TL painted for you...

zofia said...

Beautiful jackets Wendy, and I love the pictures too!
I will need to commission a size 8 one of these days..

erika said...

The jackets look so lovely, I love all the detailing and the mix of the vinatge materials, and the coloures are so pretty!

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