Friday, December 10, 2010

my happy list

I have so much to be happy about that some things are just not bothering me.
Im happy that when Mr TL got pulled into the ocean the other week he didnt drown.
He was fully clothed and it was stormy enough to frighten him.
 Even though he had his iphone is his pocket and we still havent gotten around to replacing it.
So forgive me if all the washing is piling up but im happy to let it sit there.  

Im happy letting the papers and junk pile up around me because at least im healthy and I can choose when I feel like attacking it. Some people dont have the energy or the ability to do the little things I take for granted.

Im happy that I can enjoy the pleasure of my sons company on days
when he should really be at school. Even if hes just playing COD
and wearing his thermals cos someone hasnt kept up with the washing.  Im happy that there is a gamers addiction hotline available for when we need it.
No, really I do love this person. (whoever he is.)
Im happy he kisses me on the cheek when he (finally) leaves the house lately.

Im even happy when there is no sunshine coming in and the blinds have broken again because someone pulled them down by hand instead of with the cord, as it means
there were movies watched late into the night and laughter to go along with it. 
Im happy just thinking of sublime thoughts about the family we will soon be enjoying having stay and the close family we have been enjoying lately.
 Happy because somehow summer hasnt hit and I was dreading the heat.
Happy I have my mother-taught ability to make my own clothes when I have a full weekend
like this one coming and I dont need to shop like a regular person for something new that
 I will really only half-feel-okay-in.
Happy this isnt a craft post and I have the opportunity to bore you senseless from a different angle for a change. Apart from the washing mention. 

I am happy that I have been inspired by this woman on more than one occasion.
Thanks for your happy thoughts Kate!


Kate said...

What a list!
I am so happy that you played along and I got to enjoy your list too.
I am happy that other people have laundries that look like mine (reality right!), I am happy and relieved that your Brendon is ok, I am happy to think that you have such a fab weekend ahead of you, and I am happy in the thought that I drove you to drink this morning with that little 69 scare. well, not actually happy just amused.
Thank for your happy thoughts lovely Wendy. XX

WallFry said...

Wow, my laundry looked like that until yesterday too! Sooo good to know that I am not alone.

kalen3000 said...

I'm happy your hubby is safe and that the washing is your not mine. I would even be happier to help you if I was there than I am to help myself. I am happy to have a son too even if he is like yours. lol Hope your happiness continues and that your guests behave themselves. Cherrie

Tas said...

Just today I was thinking how nice it was that summer seemed to be taking its time on arriving. We can both hope that it takes a few more details before rocking up!

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

I'd love a laundry that big! And it would be messier if it was mine ;) Great list.

m.e (Cathie) said...

lovely, lovely list Wendy!
not boring at all, not even the washing.
i love your randomn happiness and your gorgeous pics.
I am not a heat of summer fan either so I don't mind the mild weather.
happy weekend with lots of smiles ♥

babygalah said...

That's a great list ! I love that you are happy and not letting things bother you, what a great outlook. And I'm so glad other happy/crafty bloggers have laundries that look like mine.
Hope you have a very happy weekend, Dee x

Cherie said...

Oh Darling that's an absolutely excellent list ;) Love, Luv, Luurrrve it, totally ;)) and as for the pics well they're beautiful too. WOW you've left me lost for words without. No doubt about it, you're happy ;))xo.

Lola Nova said...

Not at all boring, in fact it is a riveting list of happy! Thank you for sharing it!

Sarah said...

I love your list. My laundry is never up to date and my house is never as tidy as I'd like, but I don't let it get me down anymore. I've accepted it as part of this stage of my life. So much happier now! Enjoy your weekend of sewing!

Catherine said...

happy Mr TL is safe too - putsa lot of things in perspective...
and I'm happily ignoring my laundry pile too!

peskypixies said...

wonderful list!!!

midge said...

lots to be happy about there. good on you

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