Friday, December 10, 2010

a shop update

size 1

size 1

size 4

size 5

size 4

size 8

size 10

size 7

size 12

These blue numbers are my take on the popular pillowcase dresses around at the moment. They are
an a-line style with gathering under the embroidery and I have tweaked the pattern for a roomy fit so they should last through a few years. Im hoping four to five.
The mens shirting fabric is the softest, lightest cotton I have ever found.
It should be called a swiss lawn, but is that an old term that not many people may know?
Have you heard of it by any chance?


Gen. said...

i love number 1..mustard & me are lovers at the moment. But they are all lovely!
sooo i may have had to google 'swiss lawn' to find out what that meant. x

melissa said...

The pillowcase dresses are gorgeous, they look so light and dreamy. I have heard of swiss voile a really high quality voile or fine cotton, is that the same as lawn?

Melody said...

I used to work in a fabric store and so I know swiss lawn. Your sewing is beautiful.

BOB & MABEL said...

They are all so lovely.

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