Thursday, December 23, 2010

scenes from a market

There's a tale to tell you all of the mishaps and mayhem that surrounded last nights
 market. Ill try to keep it simple.

I forgot things and had to go back, got lost on the way
so was late although id left super early, dressed for a cool evening but it was hot so got sweaty,
hadnt eaten all day cos I forgot to, and didnt like my spot so swapped at the last minute, was alone for the first time and close to tears of frustration (with myself only), and had more props than I ever had plus furniture as well.
Note to self: dont book a market around that time of month.

But I had rescuers! Caring Gen of FrankieGusti and her hubby were there and all set up with time to spare. They gave me huge support and Gen even went all the way back to the van a couple of times to gather all my clothes to give me time to breathe and get my thoughts together. Thanks so much guys. I think I would have headed to the nearest pub if it werent for your help. I still havent done a much needed practice run at home. Stupid me.

Gusts of wind blew the art over as I set up and it was almost the last straw when
(yes ive been reading The Three Little Pigs to a certain someone a bit too often
.....straw......blowing) ....anyway.........
 the adorable Danielle from Curiouser and Curiouser came along with a gift just for me.
It was a new homely rug for my stall in the nicest colours. Thanks Danielle, your gift and your timing were perfect. So did you try to match the eskimo jackets or was it a fluke? 
And then MrTL turned up and fed me.
I didnt know he was coming until he surprised me.
It ended up being a nice evening, the wind died down and it got cooler.
A favourite customer came right at the lastminute. Shes a woman after my own heart
 cos thats just how I shop. While running.

A not so simple story after all. 


The Moerks said...

All's well that ends well! Sounds like a few stressful hours. Isn't it lovely there are other kind and helpful people around. Your stall looks terrific.

DanielleQ said...

Your stall was gorgeous, rushing must suit you at least a little :) Glad your customer turned up! x d

the textured leaf said...

I think it was the fact that I had lovely memories of foraging around under the oak tree for the perfect leaves pre-market that kept me sane, hah

Kate said...

So pleased it had a happy ending and I LOVE those cuddly jackets. Could have done with one tonight in Melbourne at the farmers' market. It was freeeeeeeeeeeezing. XX

Caroline said...

Phew! I need a lie down after reading that ;) Hope you got yourself a good lie down afterwards too.

Gen. said...

Wendy it was no hassle at all & i'm sure you or anyone would've done the same! You're stall looked soooo fab...I have prop envy. x

Sally said...

Oh... but you survived! ... and better still it turned out to be pleasant. There is a good theme in that story.
love the look of your market stall too. wonderful.

Teresa said...

I would never have known when I saw you, that you had this start to your market night. You looked so calm and relaxed when I stopped by to say hi, and your stall looked amazing. Really love your hubby's paintings too....already on my want list!!

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