Thursday, December 16, 2010

250th blog post giveaway: maybe I need to give more details?

The other day when I posted about my giveaway I wanted to capture the moment, before I got sidetracked and forgot, but I wasnt feeling wordsy at all and couldnt seem to find the right way to say
that my 250th post snuck up on me. So...

1. I havent had time to work out what it will be yet, (pin-cushion, cushion cover, something ive forgotten that ive made ages ago that you remember you liked?)

 2. I need a bit of help from you all because I cant decide (after all who better to tell me what they love about what I make than you people out there)

and 3. I need to be inspired because there is only so much room in my head at the moment.
There, ive said it. The lovely Abbe of Copperpatch suggested something with a tree on it.
The mind boggles but thanks Abs.

Things that are in my head right now are....

that my daughter is sick with the flu and I have to rush off to the country today to look after baby. Shes throwing up with the pregnancy too, the poor thing. ( I was supposed to leave yesterday but its taken me a whole day to pack the car and get organised) There was some furniture to be loaded into the van too, in my defence.

Then theres the market on this sunday, that ive been so looking forward to. It has come around more quickly that I wanted and I havent really done anything new apart from some dresses.
Ill be taking these combinations in the photos of woolen blankets and embroideries with me to Zjah's for some eskimo jackets, and yes, it took me all day yesterday to decide on the combinations and im still not 100% happy!

So if youd like to enter the giveaway please leave me a comment either here
or follow the link in the side bar. And a little bit of inspiration would be much appreciated.

And before you all try to remind me that its the middle of summer, so why am I making my eskimo jackets? Your guess is as good as mine. I have been taking my girls spring jacket to the markets with me and everyone heads straight for it and enquires about them.
So ive decided to make some. Anything to distract me from the nappy bag unpicking is good!

This one is for an order through etsy from a lovely customer named Molly.

P.S. regarding the giveaway, I dont require you to 'follow me' to be in.
I prefer to find that the nice people in my sidebar are there of their own choosing.
Thanks for joining in and good luck ladies!


Frankie and Ray said...

No wonder people keep asking you about the eskimo jackets - I want one for me!! They're gorgeous, just like everything you do. It thrills me to see such a 'signature' look from you. Hard to explain, but so clearly evident in everything you do. Jo x ps. just put that unpicking to the bottom of the pile!

willywagtail said...

Your daughter is bound to appreciate that extra help but how are you going to make the market and help her too. It sounds like you need a brain holiday. hehe hugs Cherrie

Maxabella said...

Eek, now I feel bad 'cos I made being a 'follower' a criteria for the giveaway I have going on... I didn't think it through 'cos I saw it as a way to 'reward' people who've taken the time to follow my blog and I didn't think about the people who would join up just to be in the draw. Silly me.

ANYWAY, I AM a follower and I LOVE your work and I am an often-times reader of your blog so... count me in! x

melissa said...

I would LOVE to enter your giveaway Wendy because as you know i am hoping to win one of your lovely pincushions! Have fun baby sitting and have a great day at the market on Sunday!

PS i love your combos for the eskimo jackets!

The Moerks said...

Please count me in. I love all your interesting creations.

Michelle Macdonald said...

I would like to win, Pick me random picker! Pick me!
And ideas...1)well what about a "lace necklace" (check out the results in google images). I love lace necklaces, they look stunning 2) patchwork cushion cover in red and purple...or 3) little bags to hold jewelrey... or 4) some sort of canvas artwork with mixed media and fabric.... The worlds your oyster!. Sending love to Zjahlii I hope she gets better soon.

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