Tuesday, December 21, 2010

shop update: eskimo jackets

size 3

this one is in the shop

but the rest are waiting for their buttons and top stitching.

This is an amost identical one apart from the lining, hood and buttons.

I love this blossom one the most

but this one is a close second.

Ive managed to make a completely boyish one with no hint of florals this time. Ive found this hard to do up til now as I always sneak in a lining that ends up being a bit girly.


Yves said...

So divine, Wend's! I'm loving your label especially the addition of "Melbourne".xx

zofia said...

oh, sigh!
So lovely! These are just beautiful Wendy.
Would that boyish blue one happen to be a size 3 or 4? ;)

Jennie said...

wow - these are really stunning!

willywagtail said...

Wendy if I still had little girls i would definitely be coming down to buy your jackets. The are divine. Cherrie

BOB & MABEL said...

So beautiful.

melissa said...

My goodeness Wendy they are absolutely GORGEOUS. ....Oh how i wish i was three years old again and it was snowing! Ha ha!

Caroline said...

I love that blue colour! Absolutely gorgeous coats Wendy. You certainly are not letting the flu keep you from your sewing!

Alison said...

They look fantastic and who would think they'd be suitable for this time of the year. We were at Sth Melb last night and it was freezing.

Sally said...


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