Tuesday, December 14, 2010

shop find: pollon

There I was strolling down Flinders Lane today on my way to Tessuti with a friend when I stopped in my tracks to admire the window display of Pollon. It.  is.  absolutely.  stunning.
 These ladies know what theyre doing.

Before I knew what I was doing I had entered and become mesmerised by the abundance of
foliage surrounding me. I mean this in the very essence of 'mesmerised'. I think I had my mouth open!
It was such an enchanting space with its greenery reaching almost to the vaulted ceiling.
I asked (while already reaching deep into my bag) if it was okay to take some shots, said I had a blog, you know, the usual stuff. The lovely lady was so obliging and said she'd even check me/it out.
I wish id thought to ask her name.

I could not take it all in in one visit. Even the lighting inspired me to try something like this around home although I have no idea how they did it.
Im a real fan of glass in case you havent seen my latest instalment on the mantlepiece.

 Yep, im in the reflection doing an amateur job of capturing the display.
Hydrangeas are my all time favourite flower.

These greeted me as I entered at the perfect height. So captivating. I think these are peonies?

I know im gushing like a child over this shop but its pretty unforgettable,
  im sure ill be dreaming of this.

I know I need to get out more but hey, ive been busy completing etsy orders and trying to come up with some new designs for the sunday market.

I forgot to take shots of the finished pants in my hurry to the post office. They were really nice too.
I did varying shades of blues on the pockets as the customer wanted them plain, not printed, to go with some existing shirts.

Make sure you enter my 250th post giveaway even though no-one, including me, knows what it will be yet.
Something to do with trees, apparently.


Melody said...

I am definitely going into this shop next time I'm in town. It's enchanting.

Caroline said...

No, you don't need to get out more - so lovely to see your enthusiasm and how you were swept away by that shop.

Julie said...

How beautiful, I'd love a couple of days wandering around the city discovering spots like this one.

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