Monday, December 27, 2010

today I think ill

As usual for me on mondays I have hopes for what the week will hold.
I would love to begin sewing together this postage stamp quilt which im a bit excited about. A lovely customer at the recent market has put in an order for her daughters bed. Plus I have some more orders for the eskimo jackets coming in which is groovy, but theyll need to wait for this evening as I havent even done the patterns in those sizes yet.

First things first.

We went away for the weekend to the country and I feel like changing things around at home. I am invigorated and refreshed after spending three days outdoors and swimming in the freezing mountain rivers.
(Oh, I was offered a nice steaming hot portable shower but I prefer the elements)
Its time to move some stuff to create that fresh country feel around our place. No mean feat for a city dwelling. (plus a good tidy up wouldnt go astray) I may have chosen to go outside but
its raining so doing some gardening is out for now.

On the way home we stopped and picked some wild flowers so I have these
lovely blooms as a starting off point.  It has taken me years to instill in the Mr just how important stopping by the roadside is for someone like me. I need to get a foliage 'fix'.
I think they are a type of gaura? They were everywhere for about a good hour of our drive home.

So there it is. This is what ill be up to today.
Wish me well on moving the furniture around by myself while the teenager sleeps on.

I wonder what youre doing?


Yves said...

Sounds very inspiring! I'm loving your blue addition to the dining room. They look so cooling now that it's summer. (well it's meant to be summer...I'm sure it will arrive soon) High five coming your way for what I am sure will be a rewarding move around of your special pieces. x

Sally said...

Slothing about in the 40degree heat. Nothing too exciting really... will hit the pool and maybe the beach later.

Kate said...

Right now I'm knitting a vest for my Mum to gift to her editor's new born baby and cruising around my favourite blogs. LOVE the look of the quilt. Are the bits really postage stamp sized.
I hope you have the most wonderful end to 2010. X

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