Monday, December 20, 2010

today im

So ive woken up with Zjahs flu setting in only to find the studio looks like this.
This isnt one of those times when I give you nice photos of me decorating the mantlepiece or a shot of the bed freshly made with perhaps an artwork hung for a change of scenery above it.
This is me trying to cope with the massive amount of housework that every monday brings about.
Let alone after a sunday market.  Im normally very careful and methodical when its comes to unpacking the car but yesterday I got the flu on the way home. It started to rain just as the market ended and we packed up as the storm hit. I got soaked through in parts and that was the end of that.

The good news is ive tried to cram as much tidying up in this morning while my energy lasts and then ill be able and happy enough to sit at my machine. Result: a tidy house and a streamlined studio. I really didnt feel like doing anything but somehow knew id feel much worse if I wallowed in bed. Plus ive booked into the next Mulgrave Makers market which is this wednesday night.
I shoved everything that wasnt necessary for the market on the industrial shelves behind to be dealt with later.

Ill work my way through these eskimo jackets today

and I might even finish one or two by tonight to show you all.

I dont mind getting the flu, after all

it was worth it.

Every single moment.


Copper Patch said...

Feel better soon Tree Princess!

Michelle Macdonald said...

Get better soon! Love your granddaughter, she is so mega-cute. I hope you will be OK to go camping? We are going off to Wye River near the beach past Lorne...sort of opposite direction to Woods Point! I bought lots of snacks from Aldi yesterday to stock up for teenagers...salami sticks and fruit cups and stuff. I even have an Anaconda Pantry to hold the snacks, don't laugh. Have a safe trip when you go away.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Your before shot looks like my after! It's a great studio!

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