Thursday, December 9, 2010

where do I start?

Do I start by telling you the computer crashed
just when I was hitting an all time high in my organisational skills?
Do I then admit to becoming really truly organised because of the crash?
Or do I start with allowing my inner and very hidden geek to surface so youll all be enlightened by learning what ive learnt; that updating Windows can corrupt your whole computer, ringing for technical support will make it worse and they wont take responsibility, they will however urge you to ring your technician who will then advise you to ring tech support back? No. I didnt think youd be interested in that. So im gonna just talk you through life as I know it.  As it happened in real time. Ill start with this.

Five hours later, going back two weeks that is, (and counting) my studio was magazine worthy (apart from that pile of scraps in the corner I cant seem to find a place for). Its disturbing what I can achieve when im computerless. 

I cut out some more nappy bags ready for the market and was just sitting down to sew

when the storm hit.
 My studio, which is situated in my 'lean to' started to leak like a shower....
onto my freshly cut out nappy bags and its been down hill since then.

When I checked the rest of the house there was hail up to the doorway in the middle bedroom
as id left the window open airing the room for the visitors we were expecting that night, and the front yard was flooding nicely. This happened in three minutes flat. Not happy Stan. I wont blame Jan this time.
Shes a woman. If youre not with me, then, youre not with me.

More to come. Stay tuned.

Welcome to my chaos to the lovely people who have even decided to 'follow' in my absence.
Thank you.


willywagtail said...

Wow! Bad! What more can I say. Come live in Forster. We never get hail like that and our computers don't crash (we wish). I've missed you heaps on line but didn't want to be a stalker and chase you up. Hope that folding pile has disappeared for you. Hugs Cherrie

Melody said...

Oh dear and the story is going to get worse - you poor thing.

Gen. said...

oh no wendy! I hope there wasn't too much damage. Very happy to have you back! x

Copper Patch said...

Bugger! Hope you dry out and not too much damage was done - at least you got a pic of the studio looking fabulous before chaos ensued xx

Frankie and Ray said...

Welcome back Wendy - we've missed you! Jo x

Michelle Macdonald said...

Glad to have you back, I thought you went interstate. Not enjoying the rain? I do like rain but preferable not in the house ... I totally get that. I hope the damage wasn't bad.
Love your beautiful studio.
Congrats on soon being a grandma x 3.

beingsimone said...

I saw in the beautiful new Frankie book 'Spaces' that a woman had a pretty pink plastic colander on her sewing table for her scraps (although I would use a vintage enamel one).

Congratulations to Zja on her forthcoming second child!

You're a real matriarch of a growing brook now with another two grandkids on the way :)

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