Wednesday, November 24, 2010

im trying to get organised today

Today im trying to get organised to sew in a production line. 
Ive been putting everything on hold while I worked on the samples of bags, cushion cover choices,
etsy orders, a bit of research (otherwise known as shopping), market bookings,
opening a facebook page for Little Tree Kids (in the side listing if you want to 'follow me'), as well
as trying to keep up with the housework, which I failed to do.
My washing pile lives on the couch and hasnt been folded for around two weeks and I do between one and three loads a day, taking weekends off hopefully, so that makes roughly 20 loads im staring at. Yay for me.
MrTL came home from work yesterday and started folding it to be nice but 
I had to stop him cos I couldnt handle the guilt. I will do it. Folding washing is simply the
last thing on a very long list.

The first thing ive done today is finally place the cushions I made here in The Textured Leaf on etsy.
Ive discovered this frees up space, they are in the shop now and out of my head.
I hope to add some more before the end of the week for pure feel good factor, but we'll see.
This is a bit of a boring post, not many pictures just me clearing my thoughts, more like a journal entry,
 so apologies. Ive even mentioned washing! The shame.

The first two bags have homes so Ill need to sew the others now before the weekend.
Did I mention yesterday im doing two markets this weekend now?
MonetPaisley and DorothyBills will be there too so make sure you say hi if youre there on the day.
We'd love to meet you.

We'll be at the Mornington Twilight Market on saturday

 and of course the Mulgrave Makers Market sunday.


willywagtail said...

Try folding two or three things whenever you are near the pile or going past. That is what I do on really bad weeks when it is more than I can cope with. All you girls are such hard workers. I really admire you. Cherrie

Yves said...

Your photo is really beautiful! The colours and the sunlight are really yummy. Love the way you make me feel!

Frankie and Ray said...

Oh, don't worry about mentioning the laundry, I've been known to have a whinge about it too! Where does it all come from!?

Michelle Macdonald said...

I was going to come on Sunday to the market... but somehow I ended up crook as a dog, and had some evil temperature and all I wanted to do was die!!!!! Next time I want to come to Market, To Market...I hope it went well.

The Moerks said...

Hi just checking in to make sure you are OK haven't seen you in blogland for a while. I am guessing you are flat out with Christmas orders.DEb

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