Monday, November 1, 2010

the winner

Its midnight here.

Is anyone still up? 

Well, the winner is

Virginias Virtues!

I felt like getting a jump start on the november Clothes for Mum Challenge so while I was in anticipation of the giveaway draw at midnight I made up the coat from the blanket I scored the other day.
 I love the colours more everytime I look at it.
Its still winter weather here in Melbourne so it will get worn immediately.
I didnt line it yet as ill wait until im a bit fresher to choose a fabric I love as much as the outer wool.
After all, this giveaway business is hard work.

Congratulations ummm Virginia?


willywagtail said...

You make it sound like whipping up a coat is no biggie. lol It looks on too. Cherrie

Virginias Virtues said...

Woohoo! *happy dance* Thank you!

And I agree with willywagtail about your nonchalance in whipping up a coat in a evening. With my very noob skills, an entire coat would take *days*!

ange_moore said...

I love the pattern you've used for the coat. And I reckon you should line it with a cool vintage sheet fabric!

It makes me laugh seeing this because we actually use those blankets on our beds! Both my kids have one under their sheets and we have another one in our blanket box for when guests come to visit!!

Copper Patch said...

Love the coat! I look forward to seeing what you choose for the lining.
Well done Virginia.
Ab x

Sarah said...

Love the blanket coat, how clever are you!

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