Wednesday, November 17, 2010

questions to ask your wardrobe

Im not here at ten at night pretending im one of those organisation blogs that tell you that going through your wardrobe is the best thing you can achieve all year and that youll be an empowered, invigorated, strut your stuff, I-am-woman-hear-me-roar woman afterwards, but...

I havent been okay at getting up in the morning lately and its all because I have nothing that really goes together that I can throw on, that I can comfortably drive the kids to school in without them being embarrassed at drop off and still want to kiss me goodbye in, that I can on the way back from school go to the supermarket in, that I can, on arriving back from the supermarket get back in the car and drive the mr. to the train station in, while looking okay in a sexy ive-just-dropped-you-off-and-youre-gonna-miss-me-all-day kind of way. Ill stop right there. For those of you that dont know me yet im definitely not one of those people that throws things out easily. Im not wasteful and I always re-invent my clothes to the enth degree. I love fabric in all shapes and forms. I dont find it easy to toss stuff out okay?

I use my clothes for patchwork for crying out loud.

Well, tonight I hit the wall. I walked right into my bedroom (which is supposed to be my sanctuary, right?)
and took everything out of my cupboard and placed it nicely on the bed as a last ditch resort. This is me trying to inspire you. Right here. Right now, to do the same.
I have unwittiingly let my clothes get to me.

Here's a pile of stuff that I have asked questions. Questions to ask your wardrobe. What you dont realise is that before this pile qualified to be asked the questions in question, I had already almost halved it.
I didnt start at the beginning. I started in the middle.
First and utmost I threw away the obvious. Things I knew werent doing me any favours.
The clothes that bugged me. The ones that I knew had to go.
I asked it the questions.
I kept only the things that passed THREE or more of these questions.
I feel good to go. I feel like I can explore the side that is the real me.
I joined the CFM challenge and its not quite finished yet. Theres still hope for me to finish something before my month is up.

DorothyBills is coming to sew tomorrow and we're gonna sew up a storm.

Somehow my teenager has snuck his 'Formal' hopes into the mix.
Now this is funny.

The before and after of something I really dont want to do.

Happy creative space for tomorrow!


Frankie and Ray said...

You've inspired me! It's definitely getting a bit squeezy in my wardrobe, and I have things that keep jumping back in out of the op shop bag...perhaps it's time to wish them well out in the world?

willywagtail said...

Haha. Love all of this but you're a tad late for me. I did mine a couple of weeks ago. A garbage bag out of the robe another out of the upcycling basket. And I am sure you look sexy and beautiful in your caftans dropping off yoour hubby. And as for the kids, it's your job to embarass them. Don't give it up!! Cherrie

MonetPaisley said...

I know the reason you don't feel fab at the train station in the morning is because I have your black coat and awesome red check scarf!

As for the skinny leg trousers! Does he realise there is no seam down the back? are you sure he doesn't just want to make one of those liz hurley, safety pin statements?

CurlyPops said...

What is it with skinny leg trousers???? I just do not get it!
PS - I have the same problem with throwing out clothes - all that wasted fabric.

The KitchenMaid said...

This is such good advice - I often think about throwing things away but get too sentimental (even when I despair of leaving the house looking halfway decent). Now, where are those questions again?

Loz said...

We're gonna be shifting soon so the wardrobes are being attacked and thinned out brutally

Maxabella said...

Hmmm... depends on what you mean by 'vintage'! LOL.

LOVE the teenager's skinny leg trousers job. Very retro. x

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