Monday, November 1, 2010

my first market day

For anyone interested here are my market shots from last weekend. It was a hazy start to my morning as im definitely not a morning person and im trying to change this fact as id like to be, since I plan to do more markets. Above was a snapshot I took walking out the door for me to remember my day. Like I said, hazy.

The new banner that MrTL made hanging with my quilt. Note to self: take a ladder next time as quilts dont look good hanging scrunchingly on thin nylon thread. Hmmm, I need to finish that quilt I started that day at Eleesas to take this sunday to The Rosebubs Retro and Recycled Childrens Market. Ill be there with MonetPaisley again this weekend.

These hanging rails were a great idea that I spotted in someones market in california via the blogosphere. Just a rail with rope threaded through and hung. No racks blowing over in the wind for this little black duck.
They take up no room in the car either.

All my hard work paid off as I had one healthy rack to step back and admire on the day.
Even if I do say so myself.

Among other nice things to stare at including DorothyBills stall.
Eleesa used to do window dressing for Country Road and she is one skilled lady
with a couch. Shell giggle when she sees this.

Would you just look at how comfortably serene she is
sitting back sewing the finishing touches on her pin-cushions. Me, on the other hand, everytime I picked mine up to stitch something, I got side tracked and hot and bothered and sweaty.
I managed to finish one the whole morning.

The lovely Bonnie, Eleesas daughter was such a wonderful help getting us coffees and cakes
and minding my stall while I went for a wander.

I was next door to Cintia from My Poppet and we had a really nice time getting to know each other.
She had the most interesting assortment of goodies and I came away with a nice knitting needle bangle.
If I had a little girl there was a particular dress I fell for.
I also met the talented Kelly from OnPolkaDotLane but I didnt end up getting the chance to see her wares up close. Next time I will though, as we'll all be there again on November 28th.

It was a great day for my first market with my very own stall. I loved meeting my customers up close and personal and being encouraged to talk about my offerings and where I get my inspiration from. I had a couple of ladies who saw fabrics from their childhood which I hadnt expected, and one gorgeous young mum is bringing me some doileys the next market just because she wants to and loves what I do! You cant get better feedback than that. I left so exhilarated and have been on cloud nine all week.


CurlyPops said...

Sounds lovely! I wish that market wasn't such an early start. I'd love to join in, but I just can't get out of bed at 4.30 for a market.
I'm still chuckling that dorothybills took a couch - she's a genius!

dorothybills..... said...

I am giggling Wendy at you and at what curly pops wrote!

Thank you for all the great pic' that one of Bonnie!

You are going to be the queen of Markets soon....look at you go! x

A Christy Production said...

What a nice first market experience. I have done two and had horrible experiences both times and have hardly sold a thing. I haven't broken even yet. And people have STOLEN my stuff! You're super dooper lucky to have people interested in what you do! Then again, you are incredibly amazing...

MonetPaisley said...

It looks so wonderful, I wonder if there are any vancancies for the next one. I worry about people stealing my stuff too!

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