Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I think im gonna be okay. Here is the next nappy bag. This cloth was destined to be a bag.
Its a signature piece to me. It would have been even better if I had managed
not to cover up the bird with straps.  Im growing rather fond of it now that I see the shots of it and ive distanced myself from the studio. The fondness does not cover the fact that
ive sewn one of the straps on twisted.

I wasnt sure about the patchwork print 'going' but its nice and picks up
the tiny bits of green on the bird cloth.

I thought better than to place a pocket over the birds so ive added one inside.
These inner pockets are quick to do.

Well four pages of notes are staring me in the face now. Who needs a notice board when there are curtains? Theyll need to be re-written but its better than me thinking I can wing these bags. Pun fully intended.
I shouldnt have anything go wrong with the next one surely.

I guess ill keep you updated on that.


willywagtail said...

It's beauriful. Maybe you could make twisted straps a signature thing too. lol Cherrie

The Moerks said...

I believe twisted straps and the new black!

CurlyPops said...

Agh! The curse of the twisted strap - so frustrating. I had one of those last week, so I unpicked, and re-sewed.... and realised that I'd sewn it back on twisted again!

the textured leaf said...

Point taken oh Curly one, x

MonetPaisley said...

WOW! they look great. I think you could take a ladder and hang them off it. I had better get sewing, aurevoir

Michelle Macdonald said...

that's such a beautiful bag.

zjah said...

hey can i buy this bag for baby no.2 due 1st aug

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